The Butchart Gardens offers 55 acres of wonderful floral displays"/>

Discover Alaska passengers have options to consider when
booking air reservations for their Alaska Cruise Tour


1 Book on your own using an Internet Web site or directly with an airline.
2 Book through Atlantic Fellowship, Discover Alaska's recommended travel agency for air travel.

This agency is recommended by Discover Alaska although they are not part of the Discover Alaska company, and no commissions are received from air sales

Looking for the BEST Airfare?

In today's market, airfares change from day to day, even hour to hour.
Sometimes the airlines have their best fares available only over the Internet. You can also use air websites which search for best fares on multiple airlines. For the BEST fares, we suggest you do some comparison shopping.

Airline Baggage Allowance and Airport Security
The baggage allowance is the maximum number, size, weight of bags that each passenger is allowed on their travel with the airline. Baggage fees are paid directly to individual airlines. Since the baggage allowance and charges for extra bags and over weight bags can be different for each airline, the current policy is subject to change. It is suggested that you contact the airline direct or view the airline web site for their current baggage policy.

Note: For information regarding security and acceptable items on board the aircraft view